Summer Family Entertainment Ideas

Every summer when the kids get out of school and a bit of holiday time shows up, we find ourselves thinking of new and exciting ways to have some fun without breaking the bank account. Luckily, we have a great deck out the back of our home, with everything you could need to make it a comfy and cozy place to spend a day.

But while my husband and I may be just fine with a good book and a comfy lounge on the deck, the kids are another story. That takes a bit more creativity to keep their attention from wandering back to the video games on their computer. But there are a few things that we all love to do together that help to make our summer times on the back deck both fun and a way to bond once again as a family.

Throw a Summer Barbeque

One sure fire way to get all of us together is to decide to throw a barbeque and get the kids to include their friends. Once we make a quick trip to the website to ensure we have all our supplies, we are ready to plan a blow-out of a party. The kids, of course, have their own ideas of what makes a great party. We always make sure to have plenty of games for them, such as lawn darts and perhaps a competitive game of croquet, family against family.

Throw some steaks on the grill, add some corn in a pot and maybe a few shrimps for good measure, and you have a feast. Of course, we tend to always make too much food, but then can you really have too much of such a good thing as Texan style barbeque? The locals have a garage band going that we always invite, you know musicians will always play for as much food as they can down. It is one sure fire way to get the summer off to a great start.

Play Tourist

If you think you really know your city, try seeing it from a tourist’s point of view. Last summer we took the kids on an expedition around our city, and found a lot of history that we never knew about in the process. You might even want to get the kids to do some online sleuthing to find out some cool and out of the way guided tours that explore aspects of your city that might be new to you.

Camp Out at Home

If you and your kids have done your fair share of camping, why not have a camp out in your own back yard? While your older kids might just raise an eyebrow or two at doing something so childish, wait until they get out there with their friends.

Teens are in that funny place, half-way between adult and child, and often this is just the kind of event that they will be surprised to find is actually fun. Add in a treat like making that camping special, S’mores. The magic of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. Ready, gooey and oh so tasty even in your own backyard!

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