How to Create a Proper Entertainment Area in Your Home

We all need to be entertained once in a while – whether it’s through reading a book, having an interesting conversation with friends or family, playing a game, or watching our favourite show or a film on television. But if you are keen on creating the perfect entertainment area or room in your home, what should you be thinking about? Here are some tips and ideas on creating the right entertainment area in your own abode.

What do you want?

First of all, you have to determine exactly what it is that you want. What is your vision of a great entertainment area, anyway? Is it a place where you can relax and watch TV, or is it a place where you and your family can also bond over board games and conversation? Will the room be purely for entertainment, especially of the visual kind, or is it also a place where you can lounge around, read, or surf on the Internet?

Your budget

The next step is to determine your budget. What is your priority when creating a proper entertainment centre? Is it a huge television? Is it comfy furniture? You also have to think about your media system. How will you be watching television? Will it be solely through something like a digital box or the Internet, or are you planning to have a DVD player, HDMI, and so on? When assessing your budget, you need to keep these considerations in mind. Also, think about the kind of practical furniture you need. Aside from sofas and cosy armchairs and tables, you may need to have a place for your AV devices, such as an AV media cabinet specially-built for this purpose.

Your available space

You need to be able to maximise your available space if you want an entertainment room that stands out. The placement of your television is of crucial importance. It needs to be kept at a good distance – not too far, but not too close, either. The angle of the TV needs to be comfortable for viewing. Your best option is to place the television on one wall, with the furniture on the opposite wall.

The shape of your entertainment room or area will make a difference. If you have a room that is rectangular, then all’s well and good, since it’s easy to arrange your entertainment centre and furniture in an organised manner. If your room is square, you may want to create a false wall so you can end up with a room in a rectangular shape, which is better for viewing and listening.

You also need to pay attention to the lighting and sound. A thick carpet can efficiently absorb sound, but tiles and wood may end up bouncing the sound too much. The light should also be ample enough for you to move comfortably around, but not too glaring that it affects the picture of the TV.

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