Fun Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

Are you planning your company picnic or a corporate event? There are many factors that come into play in deciding what kind of event to plan for your business. Is the event for the employees and their spouses, will the event appeal to families, will it be formal or informal, what kind of food will you serve, etc.?

Once you have narrowed down some of the big decisions, such as if it’s an informal event and family​ friendly, now you’re ready to search out venues and tackle the event ideas that you want to have at your function possibly. A creative idea for your corporate event is to hire a stilt walker. The kids will be enthralled with these entertainers. If your business has an announcement to make, the stilt walkers will be sure to capture everyone’s attention.

Another idea is to organize a group singing waiters for your corporate party. They will mesmerize your guests with their acapella style singing. You can even have them write a song or chorus about your CEO, especially if it’s a big year for your company. This is a unique idea that will make your event a memorable one.

To give your event a classy edge, you may want to consider having a silhouette artist mingle among the crowd. They add a special touch to the atmosphere and encourage your guests to chat with each other. The artist sketches a person’s silhouette onto a small card which she can keep for a moment from the special event.

Everyone agrees that clowns and face painters are among the best kinds of entertainment for kids. Don’t forget about these tried and true characters that stand the test of time. Kids love them! Clowns and face painters are ideal for a simple, family-friendly picnic. You may even want to include a petting zoo or pony rides for your picnic. What better way to thank your employees for all of their hard work.

Saving the best for last, Mad Science offers a unique setting for your family-friendly event. If you are planning a summer picnic that is family friendly, why not consider Mad Science? They have different packages to choose from, as well as different themes that will intrigue all your guests. Some of the shows and booths include the Fire and Ice Show and the Sounds Like Science Show. They also offer the Cotton Candy Bowl and the Ball Booth. Kids of all ages will enjoy the demonstrations of Static Electricity, the Submarine Room, and the Dry Ice presentation. Theyoffers events that have a wide range in prices and they can run events of any size.

Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes. They tend to take on the personality of the company, and this is what makes them so diverse.

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